vulkan-tutorial performance on linux nvidia

It’s me again… here is my old thread

The code doesn’t hang any more. But I have a noticeable performance problem. You can see it as red bars when using vktraceviewer, but this is not running my code any more, it’s just running exactly the code posted on

I’ve posted hellotri.vktrace and the complete code in this github repo. If you’re running from the Vulkan SDK, you can clone it and just run ‘make VULKAN_SDK_PATH=/path/to/VulkanSdk’ and it should build.

I tested on the following nvidia driver versions, all have this issue:[ul]
This is different than my previous thread. In this thread, I’m using exactly what’s on, so once we figure this out, I’ll definitely alert Alexander Overvoorde. He is using an R9 290 and GTX 1070 on Windows. I am using a GTX Titan X on Linux 4.4.0-36-generic.

Please, I won’t be able to respond to your post or PM if you don’t at least mention that you are aware this is a linux nvidia-specific issue. It does NOT affect Windows users.

I tested the following additional nvidia driver versions, all have the same problem with the code:[ul]

I also tested nvidia-370.23-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.2 on the following kernel versions:[ul]
[li]Ubuntu 4.4.0-36-generic[/li][li]Ubuntu 4.4.0-34-generic[/li][li]Ubuntu 4.4.0-21-generic[/li][/ul]

LoaderAndValidationLayers demos/cube did not have the performance problem until I started investigating and rebuilt LoaderAndValidationLayers several times. Just to be safe, I rebuilt it with make -j1, but I can’t get cube to go back to a working state.

The performance problem causes the entire GPU to lock up for half a second each time, so it is very easy to tell.

I am beginning to wonder if I have faulty hardware or need to reinstall the OS.

Things started working fine after I did:

[ul][li]sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*
[/li][li]ppa-purge graphics-drivers
[/li][li]Re-installed using