Vulkan shader did support functions and i not found mix(GLSL)

I try compile shader with mix comand, but spirv show me error.
How implement mix comand ?
And did spirv support functions ?

Please try to add some details. Mix is supported per glsl standard : mix - OpenGL 4 Reference Pages and works fine with SPIR-V.

Spir-v might input asm IL code and then output to spir-v standart ?

Spir-v might input asm IL code and then output to spir-v standart ?[/QUOTE]

… are you asking if there is a converter from SPIR-V assembly text to the binary form?

Yes. Right.

If you need to translate SPIR-V human readable text files to binary, the SPIR-V Tools do include spirv-as that does exactly that.

But if you have access to the GLSL text files it may be easier to directly generate binary SPIR-V files from them using e.g. the reference compiler.

I have text IL asm shader(in left part we see asm command code. Good if SPIRV understood this digits numbers ):
shader PShader

v_cndmask_b32 v0, s9, v0, vcc // 000000000000: 00000009
v_cndmask_b32 v0, s0, v129, vcc // 000000000004: 00010200
v_cndmask_b32 v0, v93, v128, vcc // 000000000008: 0001015D
v_cndmask_b32 v35, exec_lo, v0, vcc // 00000000000C: 0046007E
v_cndmask_b32 v16, s1, v128, vcc // 000000000010: 00210001
v_cndmask_b32 v3, s125, v0, vcc // 000000000014: 0006007D
v_cndmask_b32 v17, s0, v0, vcc // 000000000018: 00220000
v_cndmask_b32 v0, s71, v0, vcc // 00000000001C: 00000047
v_cndmask_b32 v2, s0, v8, vcc // 000000000020: 00041000
v_cndmask_b32 v16, s1, v128, vcc // 000000000024: 00210001
v_cndmask_b32 v0, s71, v0, vcc // 000000000028: 00000047
v_cndmask_b32 v49, s0, v0, vcc // 00000000002C: 00620000
v_cndmask_b32 v0, s85, v0, vcc // 000000000030: 00000055
v_cndmask_b32 v34, s0, v8, vcc // 000000000034: 00441000
v_cndmask_b32 v0, s16, v25, vcc // 000000000038: 00003210
v_cndmask_b32 v0, ttmp3, v0, vcc // 00000000003C: 00000073
v_cndmask_b32 v0, s40, v0, vcc // 000000000040: 00000028
And i want feeding this IL asm code to SPIRV and then SPIRV get me binary code for Vulkan.

you are going to want to compile the glsl without the mix command into spir-V and then disassemble the compiled spir-V to spir-V assembly using spir-tools then change the disassembled spir-V manually and then reassemble it to spir-V using the spir tools.