Vulkan on OS Android- Error message: Could not find a GPU with Vulkan support!

Computer: Intel Nuc kit NUC5PPYH Includeing:
GPU: Intel® HD Graphics 405.
CPU: Intel® Pentium N3700.

I installed on a Nuc OS of “Android X86_64 7.1 Version”.
Kernel Version: 4.9.0-rc6-android-x86_64

OpenGL Driver Version:
GL Vendor: intel Open Source Technology Center.
GL Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel® HD Graphics 405 (Braswell).
GL Version: OpenGL ES 3.1 Mesa 13.0.1.

Referring to Khronos Conformant Products:

“Intel 2016-02-15 Vulkan_1_0 34
Intel® HD Graphics 405
Intel® HD Graphics 400 CTS Version:
CPU: Intel® Atom™, Intel® Pentium®, Intel® Celeron® Processor
OS: Linux 4.3 (Ubuntu 15.04)”

*My computer supports Vulkan?
*Is Android 7.1 operating system already contains Vulkan libraries Or to properly install additional drivers?
*Is the operating system should install the driver of the GPU automatically? If not, I would appreciate an explanation of the installation of the GPU driver.

I installed “vulcanCapsViewer Apk”. When i open “vulcanCapsViewer Apk” via my OS Android Nougat 7.0 in the first time was a error message “Could not load Vulkan Library! Device must support Vulkan API version 1.0.3!” and then the app closed.

after i upgrade to OS Android Nougat 7.1 this error message did not appear, but an error message appears “Could not find a GPU with Vulkan support.”.

*Is the GPU does not support Vulkan or missing driver?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

I am not sure how Vulkan support works in Android. There may be some build config needed…

Intel drivers are part of Mesa. On traditional Linux distro following this works:
I.e. adding a package repo and installing mesa-vulkan-drivers.
Using the vukaninfo then confirms it works (I think it should work even in rooted Android console).

The libraries are included with Android 7.x, but that’s only one part. I guess the image you’re using on your Intel Nuc does not contain Vulkan drivers for Android and as such you can’t use Vulkan there unless Intel (or whoever) releases an Android System Image that contains Vulkan drivers. Unlike Linux or Windows you can’t just install them yourself, so if there’s no image available with Intel Vulkan drivers in it, you’d either have to build one yourself or you’re out of luck.

Thanks for your response.
I found a link to the development of intel contains links to drivers:“Intel Graphics for linux”.
Description: Desktop-Quality 3D Graphics on Mobile Linux* Devices comes from the Intel Open Source Technology Center, providing the first open source driver certified by the Khronos Group under the OpenGL ES 3D Graphics 3.0 specification.
They are officially released drivers for Ubuntu and Fedora and Scoure code, but not for Android.

Do think I can use it to install the Graphics driver on an operating system Android?

No, I don’t think this is possible. There is no official Android “driver” (or with that image) from Intel, and installing the Linux one on Android won’t probably work or would be a lot of work as you’d have to create your own Android image with a recent MESA driver that supports Vulkan. Afair one of the biggest problems will be DRI3 which is not supported on Android (last time I checked) but required.