Vulkan on Intel Graphics card

first of all, i live in France, so i apologize if my english isn’t good as it should be.
I’m trying to start programming with Vulkan but my graphics cards are Intel’s ones. I search on the net how to update them and all i have founded is this link. I first download the 32-bit folder but it didn’t work because my “processor isn’t compatible”; I am on a recent PC (bought in 2015), W10. Then i downloaded the 64-bit one but it also didn’t work because computer doesn’t have “the minimal configuration”.
It would be nice if some of you could help.
Thanks for reading.

Only the Skylake processors (i3\5\7-6***) support Vulkan. It also can be you’d have to use Linux: it’s weird that the Windows driver is still in beta, it might be they don’t have plans to develop it further.

Alright, I’ll try to download linux.
I still have a question: What’s the difference between MS and linux? I mean, I thought that the graphics cards were independent from the OS?

I have also a computer with processor attached a Iris 540 to it. I got this software running by doing this:
My error message was: Software to validated for this computer.
Hope this helps :wink:

Linux requires its own set of drivers to work with a GPU. Considering your questions, you probably should learn a bit about computer architecture and operating system architecture (books from Tannenbaum are considered classic) before even getting started with Vulkan.

Any websites?

The first 2 links when you Google “computer architecture a quantitative approach pdf” (as suggested by Google itself) are 4th and 5th edition of some textbook (the first is from a college website, so authors are probably OK with that). Chapters 4 and 5 (2,4,5 in 5th edition) are probably of your most interest, but skipping half of the material can be unwise.

To my knowledge Intel (still) supports only the latest family (6th and 7th gen) on Windows.