Vulkan information clearinghouse

OK, so we have a name for our new API: Vulkan (seriously? You guys are really going with that?).

As information about the API becomes available, I’d like this thread to be a set of links to substantive information about it. So please don’t post here commenting about it; just link to information.

Oh, and please label PDF links as such.

To whit:

Thanks for gathering, Alfonse!

Other links, some found in the above:

  • Slides to the Youtube video. Some how the ones on the Khronos site got replaced with different files.

OK, two things happened at GDC with regards to Vulkan.

First, Valve and several other software vendors gave a presentation about Vulkan and its use in their engines. Second, there were some outside-of-GDC conferences where primarily IHVs talked about Vulkan and its implementation in their engines. That’s what the video was of.

This hasn’t hit the OpenGL news feed yet, but this from the Khronos news feed:

                                                                                                      [b][Vulkan Working Group Update]([/b]
                                                                                                                                                  Dec[b] 18th[/b]: We  have some good news and some bad news.  The year-end target release  date for Vulkan will not be met.  However, we are in the home stretch  and the release of Vulkan 1.0 is near! 

A more detailed update is available on the Vulkan ecosystem page.