Vulkan glGetShaderInfoLog and printf in shaders

I’m going to assume that SPIR-V shaders don’t have support for printf. I’m pointing at glGetShaderInfoLog() to help make my question clear - obviously it also doesn’t exist in Vulkan.

It doesn’t seem too hard to write a GLSL printf() implementation using atomics and SSBOs. Naturally it doesn’t need to be super-optimized.

Before I spend too much time in that rabbit hole, I wanted to ask everyone’s thoughts?

SPIR-V doesn’t have support for text, let alone “printf”. And glGetShaderInfoLog is nothing like “printf”; the stuff that goes into it are error messages from the compilation, not runtime stuff you’d get in "printf"s.

So it’s not clear what exactly you’re talking about here.

Good response, Alfonse.