Vulkan + GLFW Fullscreen mode have “blink” when exit or switch to desktop

I use GLFW for Vulkan fullscreen mode and have “short blink” when exit from application or switch with alt-tab to desktop. It looks bad. Can I fix it?

Here you can see how it happens:

And “slowest” version:

Looks like Full-screen Exclusive mode in MS Windows (link, link).

You enter this mode when you map a window with 1) WS_POPUP in style flags, 2) window size == screen size, and 3) when the window gets focus. If you don’t like the result, violate #1 or #2.

So I told him on SO.
This is a guide on how to achieve Borderless Fullscreen:
You may try my app which follows it:

Though from the video it is a bit uncharacteristic even for Temporary Fullscreen (it blinks and then renders empty frame before the monitor is switched of). There may also be some programming error.