Vulkan drivers not loading - Latest drivers installed Windows 7

Please help…My Vulkan drivers are not loading…when I run Vulkaninfo in command line I get the following error
C:\Vulkansdkbuild\workspace\loader and validation layers\demo\vulkaninfo.c:1670 failed with vk_error_initialization_failed
I think this is why I cant get Wolfenstein 2 to load and get a blue popup screen about the vulkan loading
Running windows 7, nvidia gts450 video card with the latest nvidia drivers…How do I get the vulkan drivers to load??? Thanks;)
BTW Doom 2 on my system works perfectly which uses vulkan drivers

Do you have reason to believe NVIDIA supports Vulkan on the GTS 450? I see none of the 4 and 5 series among the conformant products.

BTW this is a developer forum. Also this group handles only the specification. You may be better served at NVIDIA sites about problems with your drivers.