Vulkan community on Facebook

Hello everyone, since there is not many active facebook communities with the goal of helping each other learn Vulkan, I have decided to create one.

Feel free to join !

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Hi @x3DCoder, thanks for making the group. Though, some people may not use it because of privacy concerns associated with facebook.

Everyone is, of course, welcome to use these Khronos Group Community Forums to help each other learn Vulkan. We promise to never sell or give out your info. :slight_smile: Having said that, there are a lot of folks on Facebook, and we wish you all the best!

Okay, could it be a better idea to create a Discord server instead ?

Hi @x3DCoder, I would keep the facebook because it does reach a wide audience as khronos mentions above. I think having a Discord or even a Mastodon server would be popular. :slight_smile:

Hi @x3DCoder, I have submitted my request to connect in FaceBook group, i would like to see official Vulkan logo
like as
instead of strange “Vulkan 4D” :slight_smile:

There’s already a non-official Discord server for Vulkan. And (even better) there is also an official Khronos Slack with a dedicated Vulkan channel.

I have looked for Vulkan discord servers without success, there was one link somewhere with an expired invite.

Can you please send the link again?

Also, hi Sascha ! I love your work, if you use facebook it would be great if you could join the facebook group so that we can have a master jedi in there.

You can join the Vulkan Discord server (no relation to the Khronos Group) here:

Thanks a lot for that, somehow it now feels like a facebook group is useless.
The discord server has much more potential for people who want to help or get help quickly.

And as @Sascha_Willems points out, with the existing Khronos Slack where you will run into some of the developers that have worked on Vulkan and other Khronos Standards, these community forums with searchable archives, there is a lot already in existance. Just a matter of being able to find it :slight_smile:

Direct link to Slack in case it is needed