Vulkan broken on Android?

It seems on the latest build of 4.0 canary 9 Android Studio that there is a library needed datetime for python for creation of shaderc is missing. I am trying in Android Studio to compile the vulkan-basic-samples-master but keep getting the error that libshaderc.a can not be created in order to create I filed a bug with google but while waiting for a solution wondering if another solution so I can compile and run the examples.

Many Thanks!!

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You can use SPIR-V shaders directly from NDK folder, instead of compiling from source.

You should fix compile/linking error for Android Studio. Vulkan is not broked.

Many thanks for the reply. I will look into SPIR-V. Someone went through a lot of trouble to create the examples and I am not sure why Google is not supporting what was done but as I mentioned I filled a bug report. I was hoping someone here had run into the same problem and knew how to fix it. So few examples exist of this api and drivers. I know this is a difficult api to use since it works closer to the hardware and more complex so I was looking for a good set of examples to start with.
My main interest is performance (rendering in parallel) in areas that typically need it so I wanted to learn it.

Again many thanks for taking the time to reply.

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