I am currently studying at uni, doing a third year project.

My problem is that I have to somehow load a 3D VRML file (extension is .wrl) into the openGL environment, from where I will then texture it.

The problem is getting this loaded into openGL, not the texturing - can anyone help?

What I want is just pointed in the right direction - I am not expecting to be spoonfed an answer!!

Thank you

3year and you haven’t found google :slight_smile:

“load wrl file download”

small VRML viewer

Might not be of any use of though.

Thanks Stu, but Google has helped me plenty over the years, and I did end up finding that site!

It isn’t really of any help, well not that I have found out yet (because there is a LOT of code in that download!)

Thanks anyways, but still if anyone has any help, it would be greatly appreciated.