vrml to openGL

hi sir

i am working in openGL. in my project i have to convert the

vrml model into openGL model.

how to do that. is there any convertor.

or we have to understand all the vrml code and by giving the co ordinates of that model as control points to the openGL nurbs surface.

then can i get the same model.

waiting for ur reply.

thanks in advance.


Hi !

There is no way to do this in OpenGL, but there are libraries out there that can help you out, they can import VRML scenes into a scene graph of some kind and then you can use OpenGL to display it.

But please notice that VRML is a pretty complex beast so there is no simple way to just grab a VRML file and show it up in your OpenGL application.

What kind of library you need is up to you, depends on license and if you want a free one or a commercial one, use our friend google to find them.