VR Shader man support OpenGL 1.4 and OpenGL 2.0 Shader language

VR Shader man is a tool , It support OpenGL 1.4 and OpenGL 2.0 Shader language. VR Shader man allows anyone to easily develop OpenGL Shader language. If you are a beginner or an advanced OpenGL programmer, you will both enjoy the easy GUI and powerful. you are freed from having to write any OpenGL shader code and instead focus your ideas on shaders development.Please note that VR Shader man is a research tool, and is
intended for research / personal use only.

if you are insterested or think it need any improvements,please let me know.

Download here : http://appsrv.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/~ymxie/demo_VRSM.htm
contact me by Email to ymxie68@yahoo.com

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Very Good!.

Very very good…

Thank you very much.
the new link web page is here:

OpenGL 1.4 is here: http://appsrv.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/~ymxie/demo/1.jpg
OpenGL 2.0 is here: http://appsrv.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/~ymxie/demo/22.jpg

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Thank you for your hard work!

We just looked at it, and it is great! Nice job, well done.


The truly disappointing thing is that you never really explain what it is.

From the description, I thought it was some kind of silly GUI-based shader writer (where you can attach pieces of shaders together to make new ones. Kinda like Logo or something for shaders). Instead, you should describe it as an IDE for shaders. The IDE acronym is very important; it explains more about its capabilites than anything in your description. Indeed, the picture on the web site was key for my understand of what this was.

The other disappointing thing is the complete lack of documentation. I like documentation; it shows a more professional product (as well as allowing someone to learn its features easily).

Outside of those two concerns (both of which should be rectified in the near future), I think it’s a good start. The only reason C is used today is because of the programming environments that support it. This is a step towards making glslang a real, functional language.

Obviously, new features would be to be able to load arbiturary models from a well-defined text format that can contain any number of vertex attributes. Perhaps you can add a .dll-based plugin mechanism to set up the uniform parameters per-rendered mesh, as well as giving that .dll access to the user interface so that it could expose controls to the user. That way, I could set up some kind of shader that I want to control the positions of lights in.

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Dear all sorry about this ,I have cloesed link . if you are interest in it ,I can send it

you by Email . because someone think it’s silly GUI-based shader writer. Korval is right ,I

will try do the best.

My understand of your post led me to believe that you were interested in criticism. After all, you did ask, “if you are insterested or think it need any improvements,please let me know.” Rather than simply compliment you on the program, I chose to actually give you some criticism and areas of improvement. I don’t entirely understand your response to the criticism, however.

My concerns were genuine. I noticed your post early yesterday. Until Barthold made a reply to it, however, I decided to ignore it. As I said, I didn’t really understand what your program did, and under the description you gave, it didn’t seem like something that would be of particular interest to someone. The only reason I eventually followed the link is because I respect Barthold; if he said something related to glslang was “great”, then it was probably worth a quick look at the site.

The purpose behind that part of my criticism is that, well, others could easily have made that mistake. After all, if I didn’t understand it, I’m sure many others didn’t either. Indeed, the response to your program was much less than I expected, considering the nature of the product. I would speculate that many others were confused about the nature of your program, and therefore decided to ignore your post (we tend to get the occasional person who comes through talking about some useless tool or other, so we tend to just tune all of it out). Indeed, I know of at least two forum regulars (jwatte and dorbie) that would have said something about it, just on how inhierently useful such a program would be.

Obviously, it is your decision whether or not to keep your website up. However, I would like to point out that criticism is a good thing. After all, if everyone just says, “Good work,” how will you ever learn what you need to improve? Being criticised, especially about something like a description of the program, is not the reason to give something up. If you find that the criticism is reasonable, you should heed it and attend to correcting the problem. If it is unreasonable, ignore it. But giving up isn’t the answer in either case.

BTW, I never got the chance to download the program (I was at work when I made the above post). If you’re not putting your website back up, could I get a copy (with source code, preferably)?

You have misunderstood my idea. I think you are right. I should do it better, and then open it. This is my opinion. thanks for your proposal. Additionally, I have got a busy work, so the development is going basically in my overtime. please realize my situation. However, I’d like to tell you that VR Shader man 2.0 is coming soon.

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Now that’s great… Will have to wait for the next release to see what it’s all about…
Good teasing method :

  • hey look at my tool !
  • very good !
  • great !
  • should improve your doc…
  • Ok ok, I remove everything. Now wait for the upcoming new version.

EDIT : ok, I’ll make my point clearer. Don’t wait until “everything is perfect” before posting your work. Perfection is not of this world. If you think your tool can be useful to the community, make it available. You already received positive feedback about it. People interested in your tool here are developers and I’m sure they do understand what it means to work on a project during spare time. They won’t blame you if something doesn’t work perfectly. They will suggest improvements, new features, etc… Maybe some of them will be willing to help you with the development if they think its worth it.
Korval’s remark about the description is critical IMHO. It’s by this 5-line description that people will get interested and willing to try the tool. Changing this is only a matter of minutes. Do it and more people will discover your tool and tell you what they think about it.

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I think it is great that VR Shader man was available within a week after us posting drivers supporting the OpenGL Shading Language.

I also really like the idea of a shader editor / IDE that shows compiler output and does some color coding of keywords.

Improvements can obviously be made (as already pointed out). For VR shader man to be available less than a week after you can actually test it out it is a nice piece of work. You can make it a life-long project to work on shader development tools :slight_smile: