Vp problem

I have a quad that will use two textures.The first will lay still the other should be rotated by the texture matrix.

I wanna do this in one pass in a vertex program.

But when i transform texture2 with the texture matrix nothing happens.If i only use one texture every thing works fine.

It seems like the texure matrix gets messed up when i use two hmmm

Coz I works if i transform it with the projection matrix.

Really need help on this one!!!

There’s a bug in older drivers where the texture matrix tracking didn’t work quite right for multi-texturing. Could this be biting you? Note that when using vertex programs, there are no extra matrices applied to your data; you’re responsible for all that.

Anyway, you don’t need a vertex program to do this. All you need is to correctly set up the GL texture matrices using the multitexture functions. Unless you need vertex programs for some other reason, I suggest you stick with the hard-wired path.

I got the Detonator XP version: 23.11
I think thats the latest.

The reason iam doing this is to learn vertex program.I know iam tracking the matrix right coz i works in single texturing.

Thanx for ur reply jwatte.