voodoo3 and OGL; PLEASE HELP!!!!!

stupid glsetup isnt compatable with win2k; it just directs me to 3dfx’s site
3dfx have an outdated driver for win2k, which i got long time ago
i know not being able to play games is a consequence of NT-ing, but this is really getting out of hand
for some reason my FPS’s refuses recognize my voodoo3-2000, so i cant play anything (although the OGL screensavers recognize run faster than when i was on win98se)

any suggestions, other than dual-booting/getting rid of 2k? PLEAZE?! i know someone else has the same problem, except i always hear of people playing likes of Quake3Arena on 2k with voodoo3!


Go to http://www.3dfx.com/downloads.htm
Download the Voodoo 4/5 drivers for your O/S [EX. Win 98, Win 2k]. Extract the file to a temp dir. Go into the device manager -> Display Adapters -> Click on Voodoo 3 and click properties. Next go to driver tab, click update driver… click next, click Display list, click have disk, find the .inf file in the temp dir that you extracted the drivers into, and select it to install. Windows will tell you that the driver is not supported by your hardware, click OK to use it. Your video card will now be listed as Voodoo Series, but will work properly as the Voodoo 4/5 cards are based on the chipset of the voodoo 3. These are the best drivers to use. If you have poor performance, make sure that 1) You do NOT have Active Desktop Enabled (no wallpaper), 2) your desktop is set to 16-bit color, and 3) In the graphics settings in your games, it is not set to 32-bit color depth. NOTE : The use of these drivers will enable the Voodoo 3’s to use 32-bit color depth. Enjoy!