Voodoo3 and NeHe's tutorials

I tried running some stuff on a voodoo3 using NeHes code, but it doesn’t work.
Does someone know what is wrong and what i should correct.

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Do you have the newest version of them??
I’m using a V3 too and I have had serios problems,but Nehe has rewritten the sourcecode to improve the compatibility of
many 3D Cards!

I have had 100% success running his tutorials on my Voodoo3 … make sure you have the latest voodoo3 drivers too…

(btw - are you having trouble compiling them, or just running them?)
9 times out of 10, if you are having trouble compiling them it means you didn’t change your VC++ settings to link in the correct libs…


I compiled and ran the first 12 or so NeHe tutorials on my V3000 2 OK. ALL of my intial problems were related to linking to the right libs and project setup, so JDM is right on about that.

I did some effects using tutorial #1, and i tried it on several machines with voodoo3 running both win98 and win2k. And none of them worked.

I have not problems compiling them or running them on my machine with a geforce, and i’ve tried it on both a g400 and several ati cards and it runs on all the nvidia cards i’ve tried, but it just wont run on voodoo3, it either just quits or gives me error messages.

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