Voodoo3 3000 and XP

I tried all the drivers I could find at voodoofiles.com, but none of them will work for me. Durring installation, I get a message that the existing video driver files are newer than the ones being installed (this comes up twice I think). Then, whether I hit over write or don’t, I get 3 or four messages saying that it can’t register the DLL’s. Whatever I do I can’t get it working. I’m trying to play the new Wolfenstein demo… Any suggestions? Thanks


Everyone has had this problem installing drivers for voodoo on XP!
If you would READ some readme files that come w/ the drivers, you would know that after you get all those DLL register errors, you are supposed to RESTART the computer, and REPAIR the driver install (just run the install again), and restart a second time, then everything will work!
This worked for me and a whole lot of other people out there who successfully run Voodoo’s on WinXP.