Voodoo2 compatability?

Hi guys,

I have an Intel 600MHz on a VIA Intel motherboard, a Voodoo 2000 3DFX card and an ATI Rage Pro AGP card. I have been playing 3DFX games for sometime, but with the release of Star Trek Voager Elite Force, it was my first time installing openGL. The game worked brilliantly, however every other 3DFX game now looks dreadful. Some have a huge loss in color and or detail and some crash as well. The only way to undo all this is to reformat my hard drive and start from scratch, as uninstalling openGL does not restore the old drivers, and reinstalling the old drivers doesnt work either. As I understand it, openGL replaces the driver files for the 3DFX card to the current version. This is no good, as all attempts to install the latest drivers (I’ve tried numerous downloads from several sources) results in rundll32 forever present and preventing me from accessing the display properties. Only the original driver that came with the card seems to work, and even then only when I install it via the device manager (as opposed to running the installation program). One time, after having to reinstall Windows 98, I tried selecting the ATI card as the openGL device, just to see if it was the 3DFX card causing trouble. It was. So am I right in thinking that a new card, possibly an all-in-one type such as the Voodoo 5500 with different architecture and different drivers would solve my problem?