Voodoo vs. opengl

How can I bring my programm to show the grafik at my Voodoo2(add-on board)?? I write my programms under VC++. Thank you.

I know 3DFX used to have an OpenGL ICD available. Where you can find it now that they are no longer around is beyond me. However, another option would be to resort to using 3DFX’s miniGL. That is readily available by downloading glQuake for one. 3DFX’s miniGL does not support any glu functions, and the texture matrix support is quite buggy. GLSetup might also get you configured.

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Use GLSetup, it works.
The only problem is that calls to opengl32.dll are not automatically redirected to 3dfxvgl.dll, because Windows ICD only works with 1 video card. This is not a problem… just rename win/system/3dfxvgl.dll to opengl32.dll in your app directory.
Games like quake3 automatically detect a 3dfx card and dinamically loads the right dll, so don’t rename it in the win/system dir.