voodoo issue and/or alpha cube help??

Hi, I’m posting this in the advanced boards as I’m hoping someone here’s been where I’m at and can help me out…

ALL I’m trying to do right now is to draw a textured background of stars, and then some alpha-blended cubes in the foreground. Sounds simple, is simple.

But I CAN’T get it to work!!

I draw the background ok (textured quad which is translated back to the -99 zplane)
then I translate back to the -20 zplane and disable depth_test and lighting.
Then I enable blend, choose a color and display my vertex array for my cube

for the past 3 days, I CANNOT get this to work! I get a black square where the cube should be, but no color! Nothing shows up!!

Has anybody experienced this? Can anybody offer any suggestions??
I’ve perused the forums and the redbook and suggest what they say, but still nothing…

On an extreme longshot (I do have to explore all avenues), are there any known bugs with the Voodoo3 opengl icd???

thanks for ANY suggestions…


Heya. Could you post the source code that you’re using to do this? Without seeing that, it’s hard to tell, but here are some things to check:

Are you using lighting? If so, is it on when you draw the cube? Does the cube have the correct normals?

Did you disable the star/space texture when drawing the cube?

Did you set the color of the cube to something nonzero?

Did you give the cube the right alpha value for the blend function that you’re using?


thanks for the reply Zero…

ummm one quick question how do you disable textures?? ie. glDisable(GL_TEXTURES).??

I’ve checked the other points you made, and yup did that got the t-shirt…

I didn’t even THINK about disabling textures…I’ll look that up then…

I’ll post if it works or not…
thanks very much!


Thanks Zero!

My undying gratitude is yours…