Voodoo 5 5500 Video Issues with OpenGL

Every opengl game I play using my Voodoo 5 5500 AGP has these strange bands of little green bars running across the screen. They look like 4 or so rows of small i’s without the dots and are definately in a parrallel pattern. They are in ALL my opengl based games and are very noticable when in a dark situation (cave, dark room, nighttime, etc).


I have a P3 550 and 128 mb of ram, I dont know all my motherboard info and that stuff but I do know its a HP. All Direct 3D games work fine and dont have those bands. SOmeone please help!

You can try another driver. http://3dfx.com/downloads.htm

Thanks but I already tried all the drivers available even some user created drivers from voodoofiles.com. I thought maybe that opengl fix file would work but that screwed it up even worse. This has to be a simple problem and not just software. Maybe its the card. Does anyone have a non 3dfx card that does similiar so I can determine if its just my card or not??? HELP! I am missing Wolfenstein for this damn irritation!

Note to anyone following this… the problem got worse after trying to install windows XP. I had to take XP off because it doesnt support 3dfx cards and I dont have the dough to buy a new card. After removing the os and having it roll back to the old one my opengl games were much worse looking than before. I have always had the bands but before they were so small and faint I could barely see them. Now they are large, bright, all over the damn place. Once again, does anyone know if this is just a simple configuration error, something I can fix in an options menu somewhere or by altering the registry a bit? I have the latest drivers and they do nothing to fix it. Please help.