VooDoo 3 +OpenGL + WW2Fighters = Trouble

hey all
i, ve got here a voodoo 3 pci board with the latest drivers, and i have recently installed Glsetup on my computer. Im trying to play the game wwII over opnegl mode, but i cant change the resolution from 640x480, its the only option, and, even on this resolution, the game goes verrrrrrryy sloww… Anybody can help me out?
( sorry the bad english, ima brasilian)
Thanks a lot for the attention

Most developers these days make games that automaticaly chosse the best game setting for your machine. If it runs slow i think it might be time to upgrade.

voodoo 3 is a great card

most games will require these minimum spec

pentium II 300mhz
64MB ram
ur gfx card

i would sudgest 128MB ram

if u have this spec then im sorry for wating ur time.

well, my pc is a amd-k6 II 350mhz, 64mb RAM, and voodoo 3. WWII is not a NEW game, it was released about 1998 i think, so, i think the game should runs faster and in better resolution!
Thanks for the reply anyway