Voodoo 3 drivers in CounterStrike with XP...I tried Everything!

I had CS working at one point but then changed some things so i could change to S-video out and i can’t get my CS to work again, i have tried many drivers.

what video card do you have?

Originally posted by firelynx:
what video card do you have?

I have a Voodoo 3 with s-video out

oh yea i have the final version of xp also…my D3d works but it’s not as good as the glide

BlackDog: what settings/drivers did you have when everything was working?

It didn’t work when i first tried CS then i updated drivers and tried many combinations and i was dumb and didn’t save my settings before i tried to fix my s-video out. So i forget what drivers i had

Ok well it’s finally working. When i was installing the G.O.D. drivers for xp from voodoofiles.com i wasn’t installing it correctly, i didn’t uncheck the 4/5 and banshee. I feel stupid but it’s working now.