Voodoo 2 acceleration

I have a P2350 with a Voodoo 2 and whatever openGL drivers GLSetup gave me. I have yet to be able to figure out how to get the Voodoo to accelerate any of the programs that I have compiled. I think that this may be because voodoo will only accelerate in full screen mode. But even the gameglut fullscreen demos won’t accelerate. Any hints on how to make openGL use my hardware?

Yeah… I’ve the same problem. I have a Voodoo2 card from Creative Labs, and a simple spinning cube in 640x480 runs at 0.5 fps !!! I need help too.

You should call glGetString (GL_VENDOR). If it returns ‘Microsoft’, OpenGL does not use the 3dfx drivers.
I’m not sure about it, but I think you have to link to a file called ‘3dfxogl.dll’ or ‘3dfxvgl.dll’ manually, e.g. with LoadLibrary (). But, as already said, I don’t know for sure.

Hmm… I tried the glGetString, but all I get is a NULL pointer (!) I’ll try to load the dll as you said, but it’ll take some time, since I’m totally new in windows prog.

OK ! I finally got it ! Here is the answer (hope it’ll work for you).
Get the new drivers from http://www.3dfx.com. The file should be ‘v2-w9x-dx7-retail-3_02_02.exe’. Launch it, it’s a winzip self-extractor.
When you have unzipped the new drivers, you have a file named ‘3dfxVGL.dll’. Rename it ‘opengl32.dll’ and copy it in ‘windows\system’ (don’t forget to backup your old opengl32.dll, just in case) and voilà ! Enjoy !

Put the opengl32.dll into the path were you have you glapp. It worked for me.