volumetric clouds

go to mark harris’s site, and its there. http://www.cs.unc.edu/~harrism/

currectly im implementing hybrid of several techniques. i use haris’s phase transition functions, and from another paper i take the buoyancy forces. this gives me good results, but its not finished yet.

I implemented this one:

Don’t be afraid, it’s not that theoric, and the algorithms are easy to implement.


what exactly from this page did you implement? but I’m close to success with my approach, looks already “cloudy” .


In fact it looks great now But I can’t post any pics because I do not have a web page to post them… maybe I should get one. Anyone curious to see my clouds ?

Sure, just get some free webspace from geocities or the like.


OK here are some pics:

I would really like to know if you think this is “good” or just beginner’s stuff… as the code is rather a hack at the moment, but at least I am quite surprised that it looks that good (as I think).


it looks really good.
im having trouble implementing the physics method.

I used a very simple algorithm for generating the clouds, there is a regular grid (for example 40x20x40) which I fill with random vaules from a 3D Perlin Noise function. These values are then modulated with a distance attenuation function to make it “round”. An finally, if the value in a grid cell is above a certain threshold value, a particle is placed in this cell.

Yes, they look really nice.

I wouldn’t call this beginners stuff, altough I guess it’s not exactly never-been-done-before either. But you can definetly feel proud of them


thanks :-).