Volume textures


where can i find some samples on per-pixel attenuation using volume textures?

i have just one example from ati, and it doesn’t run well… (i have a gf3 ti200) the attenuation looks pretty weird.

tks in advance
eric cartman

gf3ti200… wasn’t it a low-cost gf3 with the featureset of a gefroce2 ?
which would mean(i’m really not sure): no 3d texture support…

No, the GF3 Ti200 is just a slower version of the normal GF3, I’m pretty sure it has the full GF3 featureset. NVIDIA didn’t start their new, more confusing, naming scheme until GF4 series

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other per-pixel attenuation demos that use 3d textures besides the ATI one.

– Zeno


gf3 ti2000 supports volume textures…
anyone? plz… ?

tks for your attention

Maybe it’s a bug in the texture coord gen on the GF3…