Volume rendering app - please test?


I’ve been working on an OpenGL volume rendering application for some months now. It’s got to the stage where I need some feedback

For info, the application is Windows MFC based (MS VC7) and apart from the OFFIS DCMTK toolkit (for DICOM import), uses no external libraries. Some features are more developed than others but a short list is as follows:

2D and 3D texture, alpha blended display
Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)
Multi-Planar Reformatting (MPR)
Interactive fly-through
Stereoscopic window - anaglyph or dual viewport
Interactive transfer function adjustment
Iso-surface mesh generation
3D Watershed segmentation

It’s optimised for Radeon 9000+ or GeForce 3/4 but I’d really like feedback on as many different configurations as possible. I need to know:

What does it do well?
What does it do badly?
What doesn’t it do at all?
When/why does it break?
What have I misunderstood?

The executable is a free download. Also, and for a short time anyway, I’m making the current source code available for a small fee. I need to attract some kind of finance to make sure I can push this forward, otherwise I would have made this free too. I hope you all understand my position?

Anyway, standing by for some feedback Here’s the link -

Thanks in advance,