Vodoo3 3000 and windowed hardware accelerated opengl

Is that possibile to have a OpenGL Hardware Accelerated window? (Not fullscreen). I mean, i have to work on a CAD app but when i initialize opengl i figure that i’m using GDI Generic driver for rendering (glGetString)


Under Windows: not possible
Under Linux: possible thanks to a Mesa trick

Argh… :stuck_out_tongue: So just software ogl? Well, dunno if someone ever used GTK Q3 level editor… well it reports on the same pc that is using hardware rendering :stuck_out_tongue:

You sure? I’ve got a voodoo3 and i can get acceleration in windowed mode… I think you have to use 16 bit mode tough, and maybe the desktop has to have the same setting (16bit color)

Ah, thx it works! Just set bith depth to 16 bit