vkCreateGraphicPipeline stuck


I had write a program using Vulkan for drawing a basic textured cube. Everything work fine until i download the SDK from Lunar.
Now my program is stuck inside vkCreateGraphicPipeline, there is no error message, no exception, just stuck.

Anyone have an idea of what is the problem ?

Sorry for my bad english.


Can you give some details? Hard to guess with such limited info.

  • Do you get any validation layer messages or errors before or when creating the graphics pipeline?
  • Did you recompile your GLSL shaders using the glslangvalidator from the new SDK?

I can :slight_smile:

I recompile shader with the validator each compilation.

I use these layers :

I don’t have any error before the pipeline creation. Normally i check the result of each vk call and
When i close my window who call all object destruction, an exception is throw in vkCreateGraphicPipeline :


It’s like the process is stuck inside disp->CreateGraphicsPipelines(device, pipelineCache, createInfoCount, pCreateInfos, pAllocator, pPipelines)

If i don’t use layers, the program is not stuck inside vkCreateGraphicPipeline and the same exception is throw.

I remove the pipeline dynamic state and the program rework now. I will check in this way.
Thank you for your help.

Edit :
He work when i don’t use layers but when i reactive all the layers the program is stuck in vkCreateGraphicPipeline.
It’s like the layers can’t create the pipeline and the program is stuck inside

If all structures used for creating the pipeline are set to correct values the validation layers should work. Since the validation layers from the SDK may have some I bugs I usually run with layers compiled from the repository (https://github.com/KhronosGroup/Vulkan-LoaderAndValidationLayers). Maybe you can check with these and see if the error still exists.

Ok. I will test. Thank