vkCreateDebugReportCallbackEXT not found

Hello everyone,
why do you think that I get a nullptr using

auto func = (PFN_vkCreateDebugReportCallbackEXT)vkGetInstanceProcAddr(instance, “vkCreateDebugReportCallbackEXT”);

Lunar SDK is installed and I never had problem, vulkan-1.lib linked and instance correctly created. so I really don’t know

Thank you

Did you add “VK_EXT_debug_report” to enabled instance extensions in VkInstanceCreateInfo ?

Another possibility: if you updated your graphics drivers then it might be necessary to reinstall the SDK.

For example, i had that happen when i recently updated the drivers (Nvidia card) - for some reason it cleared all the registry entries needed for it. Driver update being the culprit with absolute certainty as i was monitoring thous registry entries at the time.