VIVO and textures

Does anyone know a way that I can interface to the video capture on my nVidia card and render it straight to texture ? Is there an OpenGL exrension that will help ?
I assume that if I do this then the imagery need never leave the gfx memory.


No way… You have to use DirectShow and write your own renderer, which accept frames and put it in texture.

Do google for DsVideoLib


Thanks yooyo.
I might have guessed that I would need to use DirectX for this - I hate that API. It looks like DsVideoLib might do the trick though without me having to get too involved in DX.


I’ve seen it work before. In fact I have code that does it with a Matrox Meteor II and VAPS. VAPS is using textures to load the frame data into. It wroks like a champ. I can do the same thing with the MIL library that comes with the card in any window that has an HWND property and display the video directly in the window. But then my problem is that I can’t put in any overlays; yet. My point is that it is possible given right pieces.

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