Vive Cosmos (no faceplate) + Vive Trackers in SteamVR while using OpenXR causes black screen on Cosmos in Unity

When using OpenXR with SteamVR as the default system OpenXR runtime and using multiple SteamVR supported devices together e.g. Vive Cosmos and Vive Trackers/Oculus Quest and Vive Trackers, the play mode/headset view will be black with SteamVR reporting (with http added)

' CEF Local Resource Load Error: localhost:27062/app/image?app_key=system.generated.unity.exe&version=1.21.6 -> 404 (Not Found)'

See a video of this happening here, it is blocking me from working on a tool for using Vive trackers in OpenXR. I stress that this worked fine for me before I moved to using OpenXR, using OpenVR for this works totally fine but I want to support OpenXR for Vive trackers in Unity for my tool!

Also how to reproduce:

I have tested Vive Cosmos + Vive trackers and also Oculus Quest 2 + Vive trackers and both times I just get a black screen

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