Vive Cosmos Controllers not working some times

Hi !
I have a little problem. I don’t know why but sometimes, my controllers are not working. I have a code to find their position and draw a right and left controller in the virtual environment. However, somtimes I moved the controllers in my hands and nothing happened in the virtual environnement. Do you have an idea of the source of the problem ?

Thanks a lot for answers !

I forgot to say that I’m using OpenXR. When controllers are not working, xrLocateSpace returns (0,0,0).

Does the session state change when you lose controller tracking? Depending on the runtime, it may only update the controller pose when the application is in the focused state.

And just in case the problem is indeed the session going out of focused state, there is a SteamVR setting you can try:
SteamVR Settings / Video / Pause VR when headset is idle: Off

The other times I’ve seen the controller poses not update with SteamVR is when it believed the dashboard was up. Does pressing the “vive button” (see this diagram) change anything?

This setting (pause VR) is already disabled.

According to Rectus, it’s a problem with the session state. I didn’t check the state for the moment. I will look.

Pressing the Vive button changes nothing.

I checked the the session state and I confirm that my application doesn’t go to the focused state some times.

At least with the SteamVR runtime, it will only do the initial transition to the focused state when the dashboard is closed and the headset proximity sensor is triggered, regardless of if the Pause when Idle setting is off.

I’ve seen several developers getting reports of similar issues from users, so I’m guessing there could also be some additional bug in SteamVR, or some headsets having bad proximity sensors that prevent them from always being triggered.

So sad. Our application doesn’t work with Vive runtime. I have to use SteamVr. When you meant “dashboard”, did you mean SteamVr window, Vive console or something else ?

The dashboard is the in-VR menu overlay.

So I never opened this dashboard.

It will open automatically on launching SteamVR if SteamVR Home is turned off. Not sure which button toggles it on the Cosmos by default, but it is probably either the menu or Vive button.

In my case SteamVR Home is never turned off. It is launched by default if I close my application.

I tried again to launch my app with ViveOpenXR runtime and it doesnt work. It returns to me an exception and the session state is “ready”.

You might want to check if other applications work with the Vive runtime.

I’ve pinged someone to look into possible conformance issues: if you aren’t using extensions only exposed by one or a few runtimes, software should run on all the various conformant runtimes on a platform. Unfortunately I don’t have a Vive Cosmos so I can’t run the CTS myself and diagnose the issue further.

I checked if Blender works with Vive Runtime and it works well. I don’t know why I can’t use it with the application that I’m developing.

Do you have some news from the person who you pinged ?

Nothing yet, do you have any additional information about the behavior that’s not working? As in, how does it differ from the code in e.g. Hello XR that does the same thing?