visualize of a 3D surface


Is there some function(s) in OpenGL, that allow to visualize a surface composed of 3D points. In other words I have an array of 3D points (X, Y, Z) and want to see the how the surface looks like - in fashion of the Matlab function surf.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Unfortunately I couldn’t attach example of Matlab surf, because I didn’t understand how to attach an image - apparently from local hard disk it isn’t possble … :frowning:

No, OpenGL is a very low level interface, it only supports very basic rendering primitives (triangles, lines, points).
Of course it’s possible to do the kind of visualization you are talking about with OpenGL, but it requires (significantly) more than a function call.

You are not saying what your goal is, so it’s hard to suggest alternatives. If you simply need a plot of your data, there is gnuplot. ParaView or it’s underlying VTK library may allow you to view your dataset without having to deal with all the low level stuff (although these tools have a learning curve too).