Visualization effect on OpenGL ?


When the music is played on windows media player, it show visualization effects on the window.

To develop them, as I know, I should use WMP SDK and the result is only shown in WMP.

However, I’d like to visualize it on my own OpenGL window.

Are there any OpenGL examples, how to create visual effect which windows media player shows ?

I know it’s not a lot but here is a link about music visualization:

They describe somethings about doing this and talk a bit about a program they made. Perhaps you could email them for specifics or whatever you need.


Oh you know I just thought of something. You could also try looking at xmms (X Multimedia System) player which is just like winamp that supports opengl visualization plugins. Xmms is open source and the plugins are probably also.


I’ve just released an OpenGL visualization plug-in for Winamp. I have not decided yet if I will port it to other players.

Haven’t had a look at the WMP SDK yet, though, so I really don’t know how it looks (although I can imagine since I have some experience with other MS SDKs).

If you want to work on WMP, I can’t really help you now. If you switch to Winamp, I can certainly give you tips should you need some.

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I think opengl would not work with WMP, because of the SetPixelFormat issue.

In Winamp, you get to create your own window so no problem there.

I suppose you could do the same in WMP but it would be not so elegant.

If you find a nice example using GL, let us know.