Visual Studio 6 on Windows 2k

I know it isn’t quite related, but it doesn’t work here. It always tells be that there would be a bad operation in function call “read” when starting. Anybody has an idea how to fix that? Thanks.

Hi. I’m running VS6 SP4 on Win2k and its working very well. Do you have access to the service pack 4 cd? You can download it but its really big ( > 100 Mb) There is also a service pack for Win2k out now.

Just a thought.

When exactly does this happen? You say that you get an Illegal Operation when you start the VC++6.0 IDE? Try deinstalling and reinstalling?


I had the same problem when running MSVC6. You somewhere have to find a name of a .DLL file causing the error (look in the messagebox os something). Locate the same file on the CD and copy it to the same folder in your installation directory.

This was how I did at least. Sorry I can’t give you a more detailed explanation. I’m not at home and have no access to an installation. And it was quite a while ago, so thats why I don’t remember any file/folder names that can guide you to the right track.

Hi, thanks guys!
I’ll try out Bob’s thing first (obviously…) but since I’ve got a flat rate now, I can also download the service packs. Could you give me a hint where to find them? I will never understand how microsoft organizes its updates…

Well, Pete, only vc++ doesn’t work, vb and msdn are working very well.

Oh, Bob, you mean simply overwriting the file on the harddisk with the one from the cd? Gonna try that!

Again, thanks guys!

There is no dll file mentioned in the error message box. Any ideas which it could be?

Found the file

It’s <install_directory>\Common\MSDev98\Bin\mfc42.dll

I renamed it, launched MSVC, and an error occured. Renamed it again, back to the old, and no error.

Locate the mfc42.dll on the CD, think it’s the first one, and copy it.

I have another version of the same file in winnt\system32, and it seems to be of a newer version. I dunno what will happen if you replace this file. I didn’t replace it, since it was a newer one there already. So if you place it in the MSVC-directory, only MSVC will use it, and no other programs will have any trouble with the new, I mean the old, file

Remembers me of the good old times when I had to replace the mfc42.dll for every Compaq Visual Fortran/Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
Thanks, gonna try it out!

Thanks Bob!!!
That was the error! Can you give me the number of your bank account?

What you wan’t my bank account number for? Stealing money?