Visual studio 2013

anyone can help me to set up OpenGL for microsoft visual studio 2013 ultimate…

Don’t know the language, so I guessed C/C++. The following works with VS 2013 Professional, hope the Ultimate is not completely different:

  1. Create a new Visual C++ Win32 * project.
  2. Add the #include to gl/gl.h. (Depending on your project configuration it is different, but usually in the precompiled header file (stfafx.h) or after the line “#include “stdafx.h”” in your main cpp file)
  3. Check if the #include for windows.h is before(!) the include of gl.h. If you created a Console Application project you’ll have to add the #include to windows.h.
  4. Add the file opengl32.lib in the project properties “Configuration Properties” => “Linker” => “Input” => “Additional Dependencies”.

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