Visual for OpenGL error

Hi All,
I have an catia v4 installation on Solaris 8.0. I have openGL 1.2.2 installed on that machine.

When I invoke, catia I get an error message :

“Can’t find suitable visual for OpenGL, exiting”. Does anyone have any idea of what this message means and what needs to be done to fix this?

Thanks In Advance,

Sounds like a problem with glx.
Check if glx is working ok.

How do you verify if GLX is working properly or not?
I trie running some other applications which use OpenGL and it worked fine.
Any idea what’s wrong ?

Hmmm, in this case I guess Catia is requesting a visual (pixelformat) that is not supported by your framebuffer configuration.

Sorry cant help you because I dont know much about Catia, perhaps a newsgroup related to Catia could offer more help.

Hmm…Thanks anyways !!!