Visual C++ Macintosh Cross Development Edition

Is it possible to create an OpenGL app for Mac using the Visual C++ Macintosh Cross Development Edition?

The Visual C++ Macintosh Cross Development Edition can recompile any MFC based app that runs in Win32 to from what I heard a few years ago.

Is this a possible solution to port an OpenGL app from Windows to Macintosh? Has anyone ever done this before?

Thanks for any comments,


If you have Visual C++ Macintosh Cross Development Edition within visual range, turn and run away very fast! Find a ballistic weapon, and then fire at it from a safe distance until you have completely destroyed it. I am not joking.

hehe… ok… but then I’d have to re-write the gui using another IDE (code warrior perhaps?)

However, if I really could “reuse” my mfc based app by simply recompiling… then it would really save me alot of time!

But it does involve a little bit of networking a mac with a PC. All development would be on the pc and after a compile to m68k or powerpc, the executable is supposedly outputed to the mac over the network. It does not output the mac binaries locally on the pc.

So for now I’ll continue to play with this and see if I really can create an OpenGL app that can compile for both Win32, m68k, and powerpc…

wish me luck!


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