Visual C: Console Application and OpenGL

Hi, I want to know if is possible create an openGL project without use “console application”. I don’t want use the console of Dos, I would want use directly the openGl’s program…I must use “win32 application”? I try but, I don’t use WinMain, so thi s method doesn’t ok!!
Can you help me?

Excuse for my bad english!!

You use the /subsystem and /entry likner options to control the console and entrypoint of the program.

/subsystem:console starts the program with a console, /subsystem:windows starts it without console.
/entry:mainCRTStartup starts the program in the function main(), and /entry:WinMainCRTStartup starts it in WinMain().

Choose the combination of the two that you want. You can put them in the project properties, in the “additional options” or whatever it’s called in the linker options.

Perfect :wink:
Using /entry:mainCRTStartup /subsystem:windows in the project options I obtain that I want!!