Visual C++ 2008 and OpenGL 3.0

What i do to start using OpenGL 3.0 on Visual C++ 2008?

I know that it brings OpenGL 1.1 by default so what files do i need and where i can get theme to code in 3.0?

You start in about same way as you start with OpenGL 2.1. Use a lot of entry point loading using GLee, glew, or manually. You just need to create OpenGL in special way to get 3.0 context, or use third part library that will do it for you - for example glfw supports GL3.0 context creation. Or use code from here.

Just need the extensions headers, all the new entry points have to be retrieved dynamically.
Get the *ext.h here :

glfw supports OpenGL 3? I can’t find anything …

There is special 2.x-lite branch that supports GL3:
Basically you do following before opening window:

glfwOpenWindowHint(GLFW_OPENGL_FORWARD_COMPAT, GL_TRUE); // or skip this

Ok, thanks for the info