Visual C++ 2005 and OpenGL

Has anyone run any OpenGL using Visual C++ 2005 Express? Where does one get the OpenGL header files since I think they are missing in VC++ 2005 Express? Also, where does one get glut32.dll and where do we place it? Thanks much for any help.

Well, i know little of OpenGL, i am actually looking to get into it but i know about Microsoft Products, Express editions do not include many uneeded files, they are mainly for evaluation, i am not upto date on the C++ version of the Express, but i do have and I would recomend waiting until the official version comes out or search microsofts website for related issues and fixes.
-Trevor Adams

You can/have to download the windows platform SDK which contains all required headers and librairies for opengl or windows programming. I don’t think that express product will ship with openGL header and librairies (directx promotion).

see Windows platform SDK

As for the glut32.dll you get it at Nate Robins’ page and you can place it $WINDIR/system32
or the current directory your app is running.
I had no idea about opengl and vc++ 2005. Guess I won’t be giving it a try.
On the other hand I suppose they’re trying to hit other development platforms like eclipse and DevC++ for which you have to download the windows sdk as well.