Visual Basiv(VB) and mip mapping

Haveing big problems getting mipmapping to work.
Useing the code
gluBuild2DMipmaps glTexture2D, 3, texWidth, texHeight, tiRGB, pxlByte, pData as Long??
Anyone know what pData is?
I think it might be a pointer to the image,
but these dont exist in VB.


Hi jasper,

PData is a pointer to the first pixel of all your pixel data. The easiest way to pass on this pointer is to load a jpg or bmp into a picturebox (make sure autoredraw is set to true and also autoresize=true) and from this picbox load all data into a byte-array. Then for pData pass imageData(0).
Might want to check out VB tutorials on this at

What type of formmat does imagedata need to be in? just RGB planer? or interlaced? top left to bottom right? or the other way around? passing an image as merly bytes would help me out ALOT, just need the format.

Briliant will try,
NeHe’s Visual basic tutorials are not this far.I’ve managed to convert most of the others to VB,but this one has being giveing me probs for a while.