Visual artifacts when using foveated rendering in Assetto Corsa (solved)

The issue has been resolved by reducing glare quality in the main video options from maximum to high. Apparently the glitch only occurs when set to very high or maximum. I’ll leave the rest of the post here in case it helps anyone else.

I’m experiencing some artifacting that manifests as a blob of large “pixels” appearing in the center top of my view when playing assetto corsa with FR turned on (wide, quality). The effect is more pronounced in the left eye and is locked to my camera. Turning FR off makes it go away immediately. The pixels appear to be small displaced segments of my current view. Any ideas how I might diagnose or resolve this?

The following image depicts the issue a little more clearly. The preview window is mirrored from the left eye:

Reverb G2
RTX 4080
Asrock Z690M-ITX/ax

For future reference, this is generally a developer forum, and your issue is almost certainly an app bug, runtime bug, or API layer bug (if you have any of those installed).

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