Vista driver now available

Walk, don’t run, to the NVIDIA driver download page for the first public release of an OpenGL ICD for Windows Vista Beta 2 . Please consult the release notes for hardware compatibility before attemping to install these drivers.

To set your expectations, this is a preview driver for porting and compatibility testing. On many apps, performance will be below Windows XP on equivalent hardware. Performance will improve in future releases.

Some applications will not work correctly under Vista without modification. In particular, any application which mixes GDI rendering and OpenGL rendering within a single window will render incorrectly. In addition, applications which render to the front buffer but never call Flush() or Finish() should not be surprised that the pixels never appear on screen. These limitations are related to the new window manager architecture and are unlikely to change.

OpenGL acceleration is disabled when dualview is enabled. This is an OS limitation in the beta and should be corrected in a future release.

Happy porting. :slight_smile: