Viper V770

Hi my friend has a Viper V770 TNT2 Card… he can’t get any opengl what so ever to work even after installing and reinstalling latest games, patches and drivers. Direct3d doesn’t really work either… it’s extremly chopy. I then used GLsetup… and nothing it still can’t run OPENGL… PLEASE HELP!

Hi Juju…and so on,
i’ve had the same probs. After i installed Nvidia driver V7.17 and DirectX8 my system runs like hell!
creetz from germany

it really sucks but im gona try some other crap that i read on the board with the semi colon ; thing… and maybe find if he has the opengl.dll in his system folder?

I have been battling this v770 OpenGL problem since I bought my v770 non-ultra. I have tried EVERYTHING I could think of and nothing fixed the problem. I’m thinking that either a batch of cards had some bad hardware lighting, Windows 98b w. all patches and various versions of DirectX drivers isn’t right for an Asus P2BF, or nVidia’s OpenGL driver isn’t compatible with their own card.

I’ll let you know what happens with the RMA I have requested from Diamond I told them that I want a card that works, like maybe a Viper II. I mean - did you notice that the V770 was only a non-legacy card for about 1 year? Hmmm, wonder why they stopped making it so soon?

I am positive that I should’ve bought a new Voodoo 5 / whatever.

I’ll say this much, though… at one time, I had an old version of SciTech Display Doctor, and an older version of directX and video card drivers, and the system ran fine. I have rebuilt the system 4 times with all know possible configurations and have never gotten the card to work properly again. The best description of the problem that I see is: There horizontal rectangles of distortion throughout the screen. The distortion is white horizontal lines. The blocks of lines change shape based on the screen objects’ surface angles to the viewer and light and such. Under the perfect lighting circumstances (or if you use only software rendering the screen will look okay, but then you’ll change your veiwing angle just slightly to realize that the problem is still there. Even the demos that came with the card never worked right. The NVidia bee and ring and pond, and hand, and stuff… anyhow - good luck to the rest of you suckers that bought the v770 non-ultra