Vincent support for MS Smartphone in upcoming beta

This is more a follow-up on various posts I answered in this forum: I finally had a chance to test Vincent
on MS Smartphones. The code that is currently checked into Sourceforge compiles and works without any change on Smartphone 2003. I’m using an i-mate Smartphone 2 for testing. I’ll include a specific build for Smartphone in the upcoming beta-release of Vincent [0.75], which should happen in the next 10 days or so.

This is going to be a key milestone for the project, as our release criteria is successful internal completion of the coverage tests, the primitive rendering tests, and the “must p***” piece from the conformance test. You can have a look at the MESA webpage to spot these tests.

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The new version of Vincent (0.75) is now available for download from the project homepage on Sourceforge at
With this release, Vincent goes finally beta. The current release has been successfully tested on Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone devices using OMAP, StrongARM and XScale processors. The current release also passes the core coverage and functionality tests from the conformance test suite in internal runs and is becoming stable enough for a broader audience. However, there has not been an official submission of any tests results yet, and I do not claim any level of compliance with the OpenGL ES 1.0 API specification.


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There’s a new build available (0.76), which offers significant performance enhancements, especially for non-XScale processors.

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Hi Hans-Martin Will,

I have downloaded the latest file from the mentioned link.
I am unable to see output on emulator(Pocket PC 2003).
Please help me.
I am using eVC++ 4.0,evc4sp3 & Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SDK.
Please let me know where I am wrong.
When you are coming with VC++ 6.0 version?

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No, I am using eVC4.0 SP3, and can run it within the Pocket PC emulator.

The test program requires a bitmap containg a texture map to be in the root folder of your device. The bitmap is called dodge.jpg, and is located in the ‘test’ folder.

You can copy it onto the PocketPC using the

Emulator > Folder Sharing…

menu item on the emulator.

Let me know if this does not fix the problem…

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VC 6.0: I am not using this version actively anymore. You should be able to compile from the sources, though.

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