video problems

video card…from HELL!

I have an hp 7935 with an integrated S3 Graphics Prosavage 16mb. Previously Ihad Delta Force Land Warrior installed and it worked fine. I have just recently tried to run a number of games, some that are definately less demanding than delta force, and they do not work properly. they are usually extremely choppy and slow with missing graphics ,i.e. no arms, text goes all scrambled, untextured background if any at all. often they will run badly for a short time and then just freeze. help!

device manager says that it is working properly.

i tried disabling and then reinstalling it.

1.3 GHZ processor AMD Athlon
128 MB RAM
40 gig hard drive

I dont know where to go now?

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i’m even accepting bad advice. yeah, that desperate.

The effects you describe are driver related (as in poor quality driver).

Try to install a newer driver (if there is any) and see if that helps.

S3’s never had ‘mature’ drivers since they started doing 3d chips…

Sorry thats all I know.

You can try or for drivers… but the best I can say is “Good luck”