Video games and OpenGl??

Hi… I have a question, in the Pc video games of this days, almost all uses OpenGl, i just download the Call of Duty 2 Demo and the models in the game do no cast-shadows like it should be, why is that? i have a Nvidia GeForce 4 Mx 4000, why i need to make this game more realistic?

If I understand correctly, this is a runtime problem and not a programming problem. Therefore you should really post this question on the OpenGL runtime forum (it’s on this site somewhere).

As for the shadows not casting properly, maybe there’s some config options in the graphics menu that would solve this problem.

Hope this helps :wink:

I think you want this forum:;f=1

The short answer to your question is that you need a newer card to get the highest quality effects in the latest games (e.g. a Geforce 6800/7800).