Video: FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality | MiniDebConf Online: Gaming Edition

This talk covers Monado and Khronos’ OpenXR standard, and give an overview about the current state of open source VR and what lies ahead. Also go into some details of how tracking is done inside of Monado and show of the current state. VR took off for the consumer with the release of Oculus consumer hardware. But the hardware lacked open source drivers and Linux support in general. The consumer VR space has now grown from a kickstarter campaign into a large industry. But this growth has its down sides, multiple companies have their own APIs competing. Luckily these companies have agreed to work on a single API under the Khronos umbrella. Now that OpenXR has been released and and the Monado project has been getting more stable it is now possible to do good VR on a completely open stack. Presented by Jakob Bornecrantz.